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od michal
(Po 582 a 583 se jedná o třetí sestavení dnešního dne. Předchozí dvě nebudu popisovat, protože se jim do nich vždy vloudila nějaká drobná chyba, kterou dalším sestavením opravovali.)

Instalační soubor

- Check/Repair - Remove all trailing spaces and CRLF's from end of all text fields and note fields from all tables and records in a family file.
- GEDCOM - Blank notes that only contain spaces, carriage returns, and or whitespace are now not exported into GEDCOM files.
- GEDCOM - GEDCOM export was removing all whitespace from notes.
- Reports - Fixed unlined Individual Reports.
- Reports - Adding timelines to chronology reports in the lifespan of the person was only using 70 years instead of the Average Lifespan setting by the user.
- LDS - Fixed missing bapt/endow when there is a seal to spouse entry. Also got rid of missing bapt/endow when there is a seal to parents entry.
- Legacy FamilySearch - For LDS ordinances, Luc removed ordinances in the reserved list if that person has any ordinances shared with the LDS church. This is in line with what the LDS website does. In other words, you print out a ordnance card if that person has any ordinances that is shared with the LDS church. Luc talked with the developers at FamilySearch and they instructed that we add this feature.
- Legacy FamilySearch - Additional change to handle API changes that will happen tomorrow.
- Legacy FamilySearch - We wanted to do this new build so we could add a message in the future when an update is required because of changes at FamilySearch.

Důležité poznámky k modulu Legacy Charting:
I v tomto buildu přetrvává v modulu Legacy Charting absence češtiny a české nápovědy a nemožnost nastavení jiného formátu data než je textový s anglickou zkratkou názvu měsíce. Objevit se navíc může i tato chyba:
Postup zprovoznění češtiny a české nápovědy v modulu Legacy Charting je popsán ve vlákně
Nastavení formátu data v modulu Legacy Charting je popsáno ve vlákně