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Instalační soubor

- Alarm - Fixed error that showed if editing right after alarm turned off. (M:1251-D)
- Changed misspelled message - Questionmark to Question mark. (M:7330-D)
- Chronology View - Fixed a date problem that showed up in Chronology View (M:7226-D)
- Dates - Fixed a repeating two-digit year error message display. (M:5397-D)
- Events - Fixed past entry pasting in events. (M:7157-D)
- Events - Now correctly capitalize beginning of subsequent sentences in an Event sentence. (M:7325-D)
- FamilySearch - Added the filter "Auto-Matched" to just display the Yellow-Yellow arrows
- FamilySearch - Fixed Startup Wizard to download from FamilySearch (with FamilySearch option on but not needing LDS fields on).
- FamilySearch - Fixed a bug when if there are a large number (more than 30,000) of linked individuals to check in "Update Matched" LFS would have an error.
- FamilySearch - Yellow arrows stay with the individual until the user click on the "finished sharing" button in the Shared Tab.
- Help - Corrected and added some help topics. (M:6245-D) (M:6239-D) (M:6213-D) (M:6212-D) (M:6207-D) (M:6197-D) (M:6114-D) (M:6038-D) (M:5884-D) (M:5830-D) (M:5462-D) (M:5304-D) (M:5256-D) (M:5039-D)
- Help - Fixed some help topics. (M:7253-D)
- LDS - Updated the master temple list to include newly dedicated temples. (M:6812-K)
- Legacy FamilySearch - Fixed a bug with '+' characters that were added to user defined event names when uploaded to FS.
- Made Escape close the Company screen. Removed shortcut key from Close on Company screen. (M:2713-D)
- Notes - Made Ctrl-Z (Undo) consistant in all RTF text boxes. (M:2351-D)
- Potential Problems - Fixed error 9 doing Potential Problems with large number of spouses. (M:7335-D)
- Relationships - Fixed a relationship term error (M:7150-D)
- Reminders - Fixed leap year error for birthday reminders. (M:2326-D)
- Reports - Age option in Location Report is now enforced as Deluxe-Only. (M:3004-D)
- Reports - Disabled Label and Data font sizes on Pedigree charts. (M:760-D) (M:5386-D)
- Reports - First time 6-gen pedigree chart printed, gen 6 had overwriting. Fixed. (M:7135-D)
- Reports - Fixed Table of Contents entries in Multiple Lines of Descent report. (M:6381-D)
- Reports - Fixed a Living suppression problem on Ancestor book reports. (M:5811-D)
- Reports - Fixed extra blank child spouse info lines on text-version Family Group Sheets. (M:2311-D)
- Reports - Fixed formatting issues in FGR report when split children over page break was off. (M:7189-D)
- Reports - Fixed formatting of Lineage report. (M:7272-D)
- Reports - Fixed lat/long overprinting problem on location reports (M:5362-D)
- Reports - Fixed lines between events on FGR. (M:7192-D)
- Reports - Fixed some Chronology View/Report privacy issues (M:5393-D)
- Reports - Fixed some language labels in FGR report (M:1300-D)
- Reports - Fixed some non-wordwrapping on Chronology report (M:5268-D)
- Reports - Fixed sorting of rare date formats. (M:6071-D)
- Reports - Fixed too much room above parents on Individual report. (M:5505-D)
- Reports - Indiv report to text file wasn't formatting title. Fixed. (M:7216-D) (M:5226-D)
- Reports - Suppression for marriage info fixed in Desc Narritive report. (M:6073-D)
- Reports - Use of [CR] for Children statements now works. (M:2530-D)
- Settings - Character ribbon was not being turned off on Name List when option was OFF. Fixed. (M:5293-D)
- Sources - FGR Format - some templates have the wrong hints listed in the various fields. Fixed. (M:7072-D)
- Sources - Option to Use FGR format prevents selecting Basic System. Fixed. (M:5649-D)
- Sources - Searching for source templates while using FGR format wasn't working. Fixed. (M:5738-D)
- SSL Code Signing Certificate - Renewed our Secure Certificate for another three years.
- Timelines - Updated Timelines of US Presidents & US Wars. (M:7265-K)
- Web Pages - Marriage source for living people on Pedigree web pages were showing when private. Fixed. (M:5698-D) (M:7289-D)
- Web Pages - Pedigree Web Pages - Option about including Christening/Baptisms is not working. Fixed. (M:7282-K)
- Web Pages - Sources were showing on marr info on Pedigree web pages when private. Fixed. (M:5607-D)

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Postup zprovoznění češtiny a české nápovědy v modulu Legacy Charting je popsán ve vlákně http://legacyczech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=24&p=74#p74.
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