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- Interview - Fixed error in Finnish version if user clicked on empty interview question list.
- Media - Added a paragraph to the Media Gallery help topic explaining that large files might cause a "not enough memory" error.
- Reports - Fixed error 13 when printing from Relationship Calculator with decimial character set to comma.
- Reports - Spouses were not being included on a 1-generation Descendant Narrative report.
- Sources - If a source clipboard detail field contained carriage returns (from a paste) it would not be saved and reloaded without an error.

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1901 England Census
1901 Wales Census
A List of Emigrants from England to America, 1682-1692, 1718-1759
Angermünde, Germany, Births, 1874-1903
Angermünde, Germany, Deaths, 1874-1950
Angermünde, Germany, Marriages, 1874-1923
Arizona, Birth Records, 1880-1935
Arizona, Passenger and Crew Manifests of Airplanes, 1958-1962
Arizona, Payson, Obituaries, 1948-2008
Arizona, World War II Draft Registration Cards,1940-1945
Arkansas, Naturalization Records, 1907-1968
Barbour Collection: Connecticut Vital Records Prior to 1850 - Birth Records
Barbour Collection: Connecticut Vital Records Prior to 1850 - Death Records
Barbour Collection: Connecticut Vital Records Prior to 1850 - Marriage Records
Bexley, Kent, England, Electoral Registers, 1734-1965
Bexley, Kent, England, WWI Registration Cards, 1914-1919
Britain, Children's Employment Commission Part 2, 1842
Britain, Enemy Aliens and Internees, First and Second World Wars
British Army Casualty Lists 1939-1945
California, Index to Census Roll of Indians, 1928-1933
California, San Francisco, Register of Chinese Immigrant Court Cases and Foreign Seamen Tax Cards, 1883-1924
Canada, Selected School Yearbooks, 1908-2010
Cass County, North Dakota, Marriage License Index, 1873-1944
Cass County, North Dakota, Probate Index, 1876-1950
Chester County, Pennsylvania, Naturalization Index, 1798-1935
Chile Cemetery Records, 1821-2013
Colonial Families of the USA, 1607-1775
County of Los Angeles Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner (repository)
Cusco, Peru, Civil Registration, 1889-1997
Czech Republic Censuses and Inhabitant Registers, 1800-1990
Czechoslovakia, Selected Jewish Holocaust Records, 1939-1941 (USHMM)
Delaware, Birth Records, 1800-1932
Denmark Census, 1911
District of Columbia Deaths, 1874-1961
Dorset, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812
Dorset, England, Church of England Births and Baptisms, 1813-1906
Dorset, England, Church of England Deaths and Burials, 1813-2010
Dorset, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns, 1813-1921
Dorset, England, Poor Law and Church of England Parish Records, 1511-1997
Drenthe Province, Netherlands, Civil Registration, 1811-1942
Eastern Prussian Provinces, Germany [Poland], Selected Civil Vitals, 1874-1945
Elbe-Weser Triangle, Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1574-1945
Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775
England & Wales Non-Conformist Births and Baptisms
England & Wales Non-Conformist Burials
England & Wales Non-Conformist Marriages
England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966, 1973-1995
England, Select Dorset Church of England Parish Registers, 1538-1999
England, Warwickshire, Parish Registers, 1535-1984
Finland Church Census and Pre-Confirmation Books, 1657-1915
Friesland Province, Netherlands, Civil Registration, 1811-1950
Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Kreis Schleswig, Civil Registration, 1874-1983
Ghana Census, 1984
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Groningen Province, Netherlands, Civil Registration, 1811-1940
Guam, Land Records, 1898-1964
Guerrero, Mexico, Civil Registration Births, 1860-1947
Guerrero, Mexico, Civil Registration Deaths, 1860-1987
Guerrero, Mexico, Civil Registration Marriages, 1863-1954
Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934
Hawaii, Special Rights of Citizenship Certificates, 1894-1895
Hidalgo, Mexico, Civil Registration Births, 1861-1947
Hidalgo, Mexico, Civil Registration Deaths, 1861-1967
Hidalgo, Mexico, Civil Registration Marriages, 1861-1967
Illinois, Cook County, Obituaries, ca. 1970-1990
Iowa, Births and Christenings Index, 1800-1999
Ireland Merchant Navy Crew Lists 1863-1921
Ireland Valuation Office Books
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Ireland, Children's Employment Commission Part 2, 1842
Ireland, Original Will Registers 1858-1920
Ireland, Outrage Reports 1836-1840
Jalisco, Mexico, Civil Registration Births, 1857-1947
Jalisco, Mexico, Civil Registration Deaths, 1856-1987
Jalisco, Mexico, Civil Registration Marriages, 1861-1961
Kansas, Naturalization Abstracts, 1864-1972
Korea Civil Service Examinations and Records of Officials and Employees, 1390-1900
Korea Collection of Genealogies, 1200-2014
Korea, Local History, 655-1935
Kraków, Poland, ID Card Applications for Jews During WWII, 1940-1941 (USHMM)
Lancashire, England, Church of England Confirmations, 1838-1922
Limburg Province, Netherlands, Civil Registration, 1792-1963
Lincolnshire (England) Banns
Lincolnshire (England) Baptisms
Lincolnshire (England) Burials
Lincolnshire (England) Marriages
London Borough of Bexley Archives (repository)
London, England, Poor Law and Board of Guardian Records, 1430-1930
Los Angeles, California, Coroner's Inquest Index, 1992-current
Maine & Massachusetts, Case Files of Deceased and Deserted Seamen, 1837-1965
Maine Revolutionary War Bounty Land Applications, 1835-1838
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Massachusetts Revolutionary War Bounty Land Applications, 1805-1845
Mecklenburg, Germany, Parish Register Transcripts, 1740-1918
Medway, Kent, England, Poor Law Union Records, 1836-1937
Mexico, Mexico, Civil Registration Births, 1861-1939
Mexico, Mexico, Civil Registration Deaths, 1861-1941
Mexico, Mexico, Civil Registration Marriages, 1861-1939
Michoacan, Mexico, Civil Registration Births, 1859-1934
Michoacan, Mexico, Civil Registration Deaths, 1859-1935
Michoacan, Mexico, Civil Registration Marriages, 1859-1940
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Minnesota, Obituaries 1865-2006
Minnesota, Obituary Index, 1891-2003
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New South Wales, Australia, Land Records, 1811-1870
New South Wales, Teacher Applications and School Records, 1850-1960
New York Book Indexes to Passenger Lists, 1906-1942
New York, New York City, Police Census, 1890
New Zealand Birth Index
New Zealand Death Index
New Zealand Marriage Index
New Zealand, Obituaries, 1844-1963
Noord-Brabant Province, Netherlands, Civil Registration, 1811-1942
North Brabant, Netherlands, Markiezenhof Baptism Index, 1597-1810
North Carolina Revolutionary Pay Vouchers, 1779-1782
North Carolina, Discharge and Statement of Service Records, 1940-1948
Northern Ireland, Will Calendar Index, 1858-1965
Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Civil Registration Births, 1859-1947
Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Civil Registration Deaths, 1859-1962
Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Civil Registration Marriages, 1859-1960
Oklahoma, Naturalization Records, 1889-1991
Palermo, Italy, Termini Imerese Civil Registration (Tribunale), 1862-1910
Paris & Vicinity, France, Select Electoral Rolls, 1900-1932
Pennsylvania, Prison, Reformatory, and Workhouse Records, 1829-1971
Perth and Kinross, Scotland, Electoral Registers, 1832-1961
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Runaway Servants, Convicts, and Apprentices, 1728-1796
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (repository)
Puerto Rico, Records of Foreign Residents, 1815-1845
Puerto Rico, Records of Foreign Residents, 1815-1845
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Staffordshire Baptisms
Staffordshire Burials
Staffordshire Marriages
Tennessee, Divorce and Other Records, 1800-1965
Texas, County Marriage Records, 1837-2015
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The Hague, Netherlands, Birth Index, 1811-1906
The Hague, Netherlands, Death Index, 1811-1956
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The Hague, Netherlands, Marriage Index, 1811-1931
The Shipwrecked Passenger Book: Sailing Westbound From Europe For The Americas 1817-1875
U.S., Consular Reports of Births, 1910-1949
UK & Ireland, Nursing Registers, 1898-1968
UK & Ireland, Queen's Nursing Institute Roll of Nurses, 1891-1931
UK, City, Town and Village Photos, 1857-2015
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UK, Shipping and Seamen WWI and WWII Rolls of Honour, 1914-1945
United States Marriages, 1733-1990
United States, Canadian Border Crossings
United States, Early American Families
United States, Early American Vital Records
United States, Family Histories
United States, Freedmen's Bureau Labor Contracts, Indenture and Apprenticeship Records, 1865-1872
United States, Freedmen's Bureau Ration Records,1865-1872
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United States, Freedmen's Bureau, Records of Freedmen's Complaints, 1865-1872
United States, State & Local Histories
United States, Transatlantic Migration
Upper Berry, France Deaths, 1564-1907
Upper Berry, France Marriages, 1561-1907
Upper Berry, France, Births Index, 1557-1935
Utah, LDS Mission Calls and Recommendations, 1877-1918
Utrecht Province, Netherlands, Civil Registration, 1811-1950
Victoria Coastal Passenger Lists 1852-1924
Victoria, Australia, Cemetery Records and Headstone Transcriptions, 1844-1997
Victoria, Australia, Selected Trial Brief and Correspondence Registers and Other Images, 1837-1993
Washington, County Records, 1803-2010
Washington, Marriage Records, 1854-2013
Washington, Naturalizations, 1853-1980
Wigan, England, Church of England Baptisms, 1813-1911
WW1 Burials in Bexley churchyards & cemeteries
Wyoming, Star Valley Independent Obituaries, 1901-2015
Yorkshire Banns
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