Přehled vydaných beta verzí Legacy 8
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- Family View - Added descriptive popup tool tips to the Husb/Wife field labels on the Family View in case the labels are truncated.
- Family View - Fixed bolding of direct-line half-children.
- Family View - Fixed changing child columns from Best Fit on a new family file.
- Family View - Some labels on the Family View were not responding to a font change.
- FamilySearch - FamilySearch arrows disappear for families with no children. Tested and Closed issue 4910. Seems to work fine.
- FamilySearch - Missing FamilySearch arrows and Potential Problem icons on startup. Tested and Closed issue 4860. Seems to work fine.
- Media - Fixed error when editing a picture when "All Media" is selected in the Media Gallery.
- Reports - Removed undocumented option to remove [[Private]] text on Family Picture Tree reports.
- Settings - Fixed a message box prompt when resetting default color schemes.
- Settings - Made it so that tooltips on tags always show the descriptions even if option 1.6 is turned off.
- Spouse List - Fixed highlighting of correct marriage in Spouse List when linked to same person more than once.
Odkazy ke stažení všech souborů k aktuální beta verzi najdete zde: http://www.legacyczech.com/download/beta.php.

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