TNG 13.0.3 (18.2.2021)

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TNG 13.0.3 (18.2.2021)

Příspěvekod michal » 19 úno 2021 11:41

Aktualizace malého rozsahu, která obsahuje opravy drobných chyb, včetně problému "browser not allowed to close the window". Úplný seznam změn:
• Admin: New windows/tabs opened when editing from the public area were not being closed on exit (fixed).
• DNA: A minor formatting change was made to the DNA Tests section on a person's individual page to make sure the font matched similar headings on the same page.
• Families: The father's surname prefix was sometimes being displayed as the mother's surname prefix (fixed).
• Families: Restored the ability to search for families with no husband or wife (choose "No Name").
• Fan Chart: Multi-part surnames were not fully displayed (fixed, so long as the surnames have 3 or fewer parts).
• Languages: Minor tranlation corrections made for a few language files.
• Media: When clicking on a thumbnail in the Gallery and then on "Show All", control would not return to the proper location (fixed).
• Media: When creating a thumbnail from an existing PDF, the new thumb was a JPG but still had a PDF extension (fixed).
• Mobile: A link to switch between mobile & standard versions was not always displayed when needed (fixed).
• Pedigree: Mousing over the boxes on the pedigree chart would always show the edit icon even when the user did not have rights to edit (fixed).
• Pedigree: Mousing over empty boxes would show an empty popup with "undefined" in the box (fixed).
• People & Families: The "change date" field was ambiguous and a database error would be shown for searches that required a join (fixed).
• Places: Blank place records were being created whenever a media record was saved without an associated place (fixed).
• Registration: The preferred language won't be shown if one or fewer languages are defined.
• Security: The TNG Captcha utility was not working (fixed).
• Sources: The edit box for the "Actual Text" field was made taller and wider.
• Sources & Repositories: When merging sources or repositories, the page would not retain the selected tree after reloading (fixed).
• Templates: A few minor style issues and variable inconsistencies were corrected in Template 19. Main font was also switched from Verdana to Arial.
• Trees: A typo in the code was blocking the ability to create a new tree on some sites (fixed).
• Users: Fields in several tables designed to hold a username were not long enough (fixed).
• Users: Users assigned to one tree were still seeing "Edit" links for families, sources and repositories in other trees (fixed--and don't worry, those links didn't work unless the user was authorized).

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