TNG 10.1.1 (6.4.2015)

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TNG 10.1.1 (6.4.2015)

Příspěvekod michal » 07 dub 2015 16:42

Nový build TNG 10.1.1 obsahuje všechny záplaty, které řešily chyby v buildu 10.1.0.

Kompletní seznam změn ve verzi 10.1.1:
- Cemeteries: The Tree column should have been removed from all pages when only one tree was present, but it was still showing on the Cemeteries page (fixed).
- Events: When adding "Other Events" for people, the Detail field would appear blank immediately after saving (fixed).
- Export: The GEDCOM export tool was failing when the data included individual records with nonstandard prefixes (e.g., P123 or 123I instead of I123; fixed).
- Footer: The "Powered by" message appearing at the bottom of each page has been moved to its own file ("stdsitecredit.php").
- Languages: Some of the language files were inadvertently saved with the wrong encoding (fixed).
- Media: A new function to read EXIF data was causing an error in older versions of PHP where the function was not supported (fixed).
- Media: Images linked to sources using the Media Upload tool were not getting assigned the expected order on upload (fixed).
- Media: The Admin/Media page was only showing media that were assigned to the current tree, regardless of user rights (fixed).
- Media: Media added via the Upload tool was not appearing in the Admin Log (fixed).
- Media: Image viewer images were not staying within the screen width on tablets and mobile devices (fixed).
- Media: It did not work to link a media item to a repository (fixed).
- Mod Manager: The Help link for this area was not working (fixed).
- Mod Manager: Now checks if it can create files; creates the modmgrlog.txt if it does not exist, and writes to the Mod Manager log in the TNG root folder.
- Mod Manager: Last entry in a css file was not being processed correctly and was returning a false error message that prevented the mod from being installed (fixed).
- Mobile: Some Android devices were not being properly detected (fixed).
- PDF: Some place names on the Descendants chart were being truncated (fixed).
- PDF: Some PDF reports were showing HTML spaces (" ") instead of replacing them with actual spaces where they occured in the client data (fixed).
- People: The "Add Media" link at the top of the Edit Person page did not save changes on the current page before proceeding to the New Media page. This is fixed, plus now if you click "Cancel" in the confirmation box, you will stay on the current page (instead of proceeding without saving, which was what used to happen).
- People: The "Name" field on the individual page will no longer include titles, prefixes or suffixes.
- Places: When merging places that each had existing notes, those notes were only being kept for one of the places (fixed).
- Places: The Admin/Places search tool will now search place notes (in addition to the place name).
- Search: Search results were sometimes not showing information for living individuals for users who had proper rights (fixed).
- Search: The Advanced Search page was returning "no results" when "All Trees" was selected (fixed).
- Security: Several cross-site scripting vulnerabilities have been eliminated.
- Share: The Share icons did not work on secure (https) sites (fixed).
- Suggest: Trying to send a message from the Suggest tab resulted in a database error (fixed).
- Templates: Parts of the style sheets for a few of the templates were inadvertently deleted, resulting in layout problems in mobile environments (fixed).
- Templates: The Contact Us link was not working in some templates after certain mods were installed, so changes were made to accommodate the mods and still allow the links to work.
- Users: Entering an email address for a new user is no longer mandatory (fixed).
- What's New: The Admin utility for adding a message to the What's New page was improperly aligned, such that part of the text box was not visible in some browsers (fixed).

Některé drobné úpravy v jazykových souborech češtiny, které vznikly v časovém období mezi buildy 10.1.0 a 10.1.1, nejsou součástí instalačních souborů a stáhnout je můžete zde:

Aktuální český překlad TNG 10.1.1 (verze z 7.4.2015):
Po stažení obsah zip souborů nakopírujte do příslušné složky TNG (languages\Czech-UTF8 a languages\Czech).

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