TNG 10.1.2 (21.7.2015)

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TNG 10.1.2 (21.7.2015)

Příspěvekod michal » 21 črc 2015 21:10

Nový build TNG 10.1.2 obsahuje pouze drobné změny a úpravy.

Kompletní seznam změn ve verzi 10.1.2:
- Associations: Associations for a person/family were not being deleted when that person/family was deleted (fixed).
- Backup: The backup utility did not work under some versions of PHP (fixed).
- Citations: Citations ended in a double period if some of the fields were empty (fixed).
- Dates: The lifespan years appearing under a person's name at the top of the page were sometimes incorrect if the full birth or death date included a "BEF" prefix and just a year (fixed).
- Dates & Anniversaries: The search form at the top now uses DIVs instead of a TABLE, allowing it to flow better when the window is smaller.
- Editing: Clicking the "Edit" option for an individual on the Admin/Edit Family page will now open the Edit Individual page in a new window with full menus (previously the menus were not included).
- Footer: The TNG link in the footer did not work if the site used https (fixed).
- Import: Some browsers cannot execute the "ob_end_flush" command being executed during the import. Since this is of questionable value anyway, the line has been removed.
- Mail: There is now an option in the General Settings for SMTP mail encryption (if your server requires that).
- Mail: The class.phpmailer.php library has been updated.
- Mail: The "From" and "Subject" lines will no longer be base64-encoded when the UTF-8 character set is in use. This should prevent a lot of mail from being flagged as spam.
- Media: Photo previews have been adjusted to work better on mobile devices.
- Media: When linking media to individuals, an ID entered by hand was case sensitive, so you could not enter "i" as part of that ID (fixed).
- Media: The slideshow option is no longer available on the "Browse" page for media types not emulating Photos or Headstones.
- Mobile: The slideshow is no longer available in mobile mode.
- Mobile: Support for "touch" events has been added to several pages where it was missing.
- Places: Place records with notes that contained double quotes could not be merged (fixed).
- Reports: CSV versions of a report created after selecting a tree did not reflect the tree selection (fixed).
- Security: More cross-site scripting vulnerabilities have been eliminated.
- Security: Changes made in the last version to remove suspicious characters from submitted data went too far, making it impossible to include underscores in tree IDs (fixed).
- Special Characters: Multiple changes were made to correct problems with UTF-8 characters not being displayed correctly.
- Templates: The Contact Us link in template #9 did not show the correct subject (fixed).
- Templates: The Contact Us link in template #8 was missing (fixed).
- Users: Users with "Editor" and living/private rights did not have access to media linked to living or private individuals (fixed).

Některé drobné úpravy v jazykových souborech češtiny, které vznikly po vydání buildu 10.1.2, nejsou součástí instalačních souborů a stáhnout je můžete zde:

Aktuální český překlad TNG 10.1.2 (verze z 21.7.2015):
Po stažení obsah zip souborů nakopírujte do příslušné složky TNG (languages\Czech-UTF8 a languages\Czech).

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