TNG 11.0.1 (7.5.2016)

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TNG 11.0.1 (7.5.2016)

Příspěvekod michal » 10 kvě 2016 14:10

Nový build TNG 11.0.1 obsahuje především opravy drobných chyb, na které se přišlo po vydání nové verze 11.

Kompletní seznam změn ve verzi 11.0.1:
• Anniversaries: If a single tree was selected, the marriages listed were from all trees, not the selected tree (fixed).
• CSS/WordPress: A style block that was no longer used (".boxshadow") was found to interfere with at least one WordPress theme and was removed.
• Data Entry: The event date/place entry fields, along with the icons that followed them, were spread out too far when custom events existed (fixed).
• Descendancy: The chart was sometimes malformed when children existed in a one-parent family (fixed).
• Email: The ".me" domain was not being recognized during email address validation (fixed).
• Export: The GEDCOM export would fail if it included place names with double quotes (fixed).
• Families: The sort order of multiple families was not being respected (fixed).
• Family Chart: Chart would not display if any name contained quotes (fixed).
• Family Chart: If an individual had no parents, spouse or children, the Family Chart tab produced a 404 error (fixed).
• Family Chart: The "living" icon was being displayed even if the user had rights to see living information (fixed).
• Fan Chart: The Fan Chart page was showing the GEDCOM tab even when GEDCOM downloads were disabled (fixed).
• Favicon: If you have designated a favicon, it will now show on the Admin pages as well as on the public pages.
• Heat Map: The number of queries required to display the heat map on some sites was causing the page to crash (fixed).
• Heat Map: Special character in the place names would sometimes prevent the map from being displayed (fixed).
• Help: Two links to the TNG wiki in the DNA Tests help page were not working (fixed).
• History Template: Pages created with the v11 version of this file could not find the template style sheet (fixed).
• Import: Media links in the file being imported would cause the import to fail in some cases (fixed).
• Import: Media links for documents were not being imported if the _TYPE was "DOC" (fixed).
• Languages: Functionality to fall back to the English cust_text.php file if none was found in the current language folder had been inadvertently removed (fixed).
• Login: Logging in from any page other than the home page would not return you to the original page if you had not designated a favicon in the settings (fixed).
• Media: If multiple trees existed, an image linked to a person in one tree would sometimes also display for a person with the same ID in another tree (fixed).
• Media: When multiple personal media records were being hidden for multiple families on the same page, the expand/collapse functions were not working properly (fixed).
• PDF: HTML tags were not being stripped from some fields of the individual PDF report (fixed).
• People: Same-sex relationships would sometimes cause the wrong relationship links to be displayed (fixed).
• Relationship: Certain circumstances would cause TNG to stop trying before all relationships were found (fixed).
• Shared Events: Media and citations linked to shared events were not being distributed as the events were imported (fixed).
• Templates: The image in the header of template #15 linked to index.htm instead of the correct home page (fixed).
• Templates: In some templates, "Headstones" was listed twice on the home page menu (fixed).
• Templates: The textured background image used elsewhere in template #12 was added to the family chart for that design.
• Tentative Edits: The review function for suggested corrections of family data was producting a database error (fixed).

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