TNG 11.1.1 (24.5.2017)

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TNG 11.1.1 (24.5.2017)

Příspěvekod michal » 31 kvě 2017 15:51

Tato aktualizace obsahuje především opravy drobných chyb. Nejvýznamnější změny dle autora programu jsou označeny červeně:

• Citations: The "copy last citation" feature was not working in some cases (fixed).
• Contact us: If the current page has a "?" in the URL, the "Contact us" link in the dropdown menu will strip that character to prevent trouble with Wordpress installations.
• Error reporting: The tng_error function was not working (fixed).
• Export: The download link for an exported GEDCOM file would sometimes cause the contents of the file to display on the screen (fixed).
• Export: When exporting a single branch, some people were being referenced when they weren't part of the branch (fixed).
• Families: The Family Group sheet was failing on newer versions of PHP due to illegal mixing of string and array constructs (fixed).
• Families: Events linked to previously deleted families were being "resurrected" and attached to the wrong families when new families were created (fixed).
• Import: Empty notes (no text) will no longer be imported.
• Import: Import was failing on newer versions of PHP due to illegal mixing of string and array constructs (fixed).
• Import: Import of media was failing if the file names contained double quotes (fixed).
• Import: The _LOC tag will now be supported for importing Place records.
• Import: The _PHOTO tag will now be supported for importing media links and will be taken to mean that the indicated photo is the associated person's "default" (or primary) photo.
• Media: When media came from an external source, the entire URL of the source was not being displayed (fixed).
• Mod Manager: Newer versions of PHP were causing a Code Fragment error when the change location was for the first line in a file (fixed).
• MySQL: More INSERT queries are now using prepared statements as a way to enhance security. More will be rolled out with each update
• People: When updating a person record, the person's branch field was being propagated to the family/families where they were a spouse (fixed).
• People: Adding a new person was failing if christening events were turned off (fixed).
• People: Adding a new person was failing in some cases if any of the associated places already existed in the Places table (fixed).
• People: Re-ordering a person's parent sets should have caused the first set to be designated as that person's primary parental family (fixed).
• Places: If you tried to add a Place record that already existed, the error message you received was less than friendly (fixed).
• Reports: Reports sorted by person ID were sorting the data as character strings and not as numbers, so "I10" would come before "I2" (fixed).
• Search: Soundex searches were not working for first or last names with more than one part (fixed).
• Trees: Validation code on the New Tree page was not working with languages that included apostrophes in some of the text there (fixed).
• What's New: When one spouse had a suffix as part of their name, the same suffix was being shown with the other spouse (fixed).

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