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TNG 11.1.2 (24.9.2017)

Napsal: 25 zář 2017 09:54
od michal
Tato aktualizace obsahuje především opravy drobných chyb:

• Cemeteries: Adding a cemetery with no pre-existing place record was causing a database error (fixed).
• Cemeteries: The search from the public cemeteries page did not work if you had did a search with no country or state (fixed).
• Events: When copying an event to use with multiple individuals, only the first individual listed was getting the new event (fixed).
• Export: The _PRIM tag, which indicates a primary or "default" photo, was being exported in the wrong location (fixed).
• Family Chart: The position of "multiple parents" icon was moved slightly to improve the appearance.
• Fan Chart: Showing a fan chart with too many generations was causing the right side of the chart to be truncated when printing (fixed).
• Fan Chart: If asking for 6 generations or more, the chart will now be displayed at 100% of the page width instead of a fixed pixel amount.
• Heat Map: Special characters and place notes were not being displayed in the map popups (fixed).
• Import: Special characters in notes were not being imported correctly (fixed).
• Import: The designation of a default photo was not overwriting existing designations if the new photo was actually a "document" (fixed).
• Import: The function used to trim long notes was causing a PHP warning (fixed).
• MySQL: The database connection function call had the wrong number of parameters (fixed).
• People: Adding a new child from the pedigree chart was not properly linking the new record to the child's parents (fixed).
• People: A photo linked to a cremation event was showing "Burial" in the link section (fixed).
• People: A default prefix will no longer be assigned during the Merge process.
• People: The Admin/People search was not including the surname prefix when it was enabled (fixed).
• Repositories: New repositories could not be added (fixed).
• Sources: Showing a source that was linked to more than the max number of displayable individuals was resulting in a pagination error and a PHP warning (fixed). This was also the case for albums, repositories and DNA tests.
• Templates: Some templates were trying to insert the custom footer over and over again in an endless loop (fixed).
• Timeline: Clicking the "Find" button after clicking the "Add" button to add more individuals to the timeline was not working (fixed).
• Users: Attempts to add a username that already existed would appear to succeed if the case different (e.g., "Fred" vs. "fred"), although the duplicate user was not actually added (fixed).