TNG 12.0.2 (23.9.2018)

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TNG 12.0.2 (23.9.2018)

Příspěvekod michal » 24 zář 2018 17:54

Tato aktualizace obsahuje především opravy drobných chyb:

• Compatibility: Miscellanous updates to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL.
• DNA: Notes were not showing on the DNA Test page (fixed).
• DNA: Results, Notes, and Ancestral Surnames broke when width was reached (fixed to break on words).
• DNA: Group was incorrect if DNA Group description is changed (fixed).
• File Picker: An error was displayed if no files or subfolders existed in the target folder (fixed).
• Footer: Missing quote was causing the "maintained by" message to be truncated (fixed).
• GDPR: Some of the Data Protection links were malformed (fixed).
• GDPR: The "view policy" link in the cookie popup was invalid (fixed).
• Header: Some pages did not recognize the template settings variables in the header (fixed).
• History Template: Some of the code was out of order, causing formatting problems with any page that used it (fixed).
• Import: The width of the field designated to hold the path and file name of the GEDCOM file being imported has been increased from 100 characters to 255 characters.
• Media: The thumbnail path should not have been populated during the import (fixed).
• Merge: The query used to locate possible duplicates has been improved to make sure IDs are reviewed sequentially.
• Places: Commas in latitude/longitude coordinates are now replaced with periods to prevent issues with geocoding.
• Templates: Feature Link 2 in template #18 pointed to the wrong location (fixed).
• Translations: Several corrections are included for various languages.

Drobné úpravy dvou jazykových souborů nápovědy administrace, které nejsou součástí verze 12.0.2, najdete zde:
Po stažení obsah zip souborů nakopírujte do příslušné složky TNG (languages\Czech-UTF8 a languages\Czech) a přepište jimi stávající soubory.

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