TNG 12.1.0 (14.3.2019)

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TNG 12.1.0 (14.3.2019)

Příspěvekod michal » 15 bře 2019 07:08

Aktualizace obsahuje opravy některých chyb a určité úpravy z důvodu kompatibilnosti TNG s novějšími verzemi PHP. Obsahuje také několik vylepšení nástroje k evidenci testů DNA. Seznam změn:

• DNA: Fixed several issues with the Y-DNA comparison report.
• DNA: Changed DNA Group to work as a selection criteria only and restrict DNA Groups to a test type which must be selected.
• DNA: Added atDNA results fields to the DNA Tests table.
• DNA: Added the capability to compare atDNA and mtDNA test results.
• DNA: Added the Find Person dialog for the Most Distant Ancestor.
• DNA: Added the Find Person or Find Family dialog for the Most Recent Common Ancestor.
• DNA: Now allowing DNA tests to be kept private and only viewable if user has Allow Private privilege.
• Export: GEDCOM export with media for a single branch was exporting all media for the entire tree (fixed).
• Events: When copying an event, citations on notes associated with the event were not being copied (fixed).
• Facebook: When sharing a media page to Facebook, the primary image will now be the thumbnail associated with the share.
• Families: Immediately after adding a new child to a family, the wrong text was being displayed for the "Unlink" option (fixed).
• HTML: Several small adjustments were made to allow more of the TNG pages to pass W3C validation (still not perfect, but closer).
• HTML: The admin.php page did not have a closing </head> tag (fixed).
• Maps: Events names with apostrophes were causing the Google Map to not display (fixed).
• Media: Media pages linked to an individual were no longer showing the individual's page heading and menus (fixed).
• Media: Popup image previews were not showing properly on a desktop when the window width was less than 1200 px (fixed).
• Media: Popup image previews were not displaying for thumbnails linked to source citations (fixed).
• Media: When media were linked to citations, the citation ID numbers were showing up in the "Linked" column of media pages (fixed).
• Media: Thumbnails of custom media types were not being shown on a single row when that option was selected (fixed).
• Media: Obsolete setting was preventing the media thumbnails page from showing as many images as possible in each row (setting removed).
• Media: Was no longer possible to use the buttons of the inline editor to add a link to the Body Text field (fixed).
• Media: Clicking the "save" icon at the top of the Edit Media page did not result in the Body Text field being saved (fixed).
• Media: Media linked to a family event (like marriage) was not showing on the Family Group page (fixed).
• Media: Media linked to a family event (like marriage) could not be displayed horizontally on the individual page (fixed).
• Mod Manager: TNG version verification did not work with beta versions (fixed).
• Pagination: Entering a page number in the little "Go" box to jump to a new page was not working if you pressed Enter (fixed).
• People: When a death date was added for a new person created in a popup window, the "living" box was not automatically unchecked (fixed).
• People, Families & Sources: A "Last Modified" column will be shown on the Admin pages for People, Families and Sources when more than one active user exists.
• PHP: Several more small adjustments were made to keep TNG compatible with the current version of PHP (e.g, adding quotes to array indexes that didn't have them).
• Registration: An outdated header was causing PHP errors to show in error logs when new users completed the registration form (fixed).
• Reports: Public reports page was still using the "rank" field instead of "ranking" (fixed; see 12.0.3 changes).
• Settings: A blank value in the "Server time offset" setting was resulting in visible error messages (fixed).
• Templates: Headers in Template 16 had some incorrect HTML tags (fixed).
• Templates: Anchor line added at the top of templates 9-15 and 17-18 (already existed in all of the others).
• Timeline: The Simile timeline has been updated to version 2.3.1 (from 2.3.0).
• Timeline: Searching from the Admin/Timeline Events page was not searching the event titles, just the descriptions (fixed).
• Timeline: Events on the Admin/Timeline Events page were not being sorted the same as they were on public pages (fixed).
• Timeline: When clicking a timeline event, detail info for the event was not being displayed in the popup if no place existed for the event (fixed).

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