TNG 12.2.0 (28.9.2019)

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TNG 12.2.0 (28.9.2019)

Příspěvekod michal » 29 zář 2019 17:46

Aktualizace obsahuje opravy některých menších chyb. Mimo to obsahuje i jazykové úpravy nutné pro instalaci nových šablon vytvořených společností Genealogy Web Templates (GWT). V případě zájmu je lze vidět na Použití těchto šablon je však zpoplatněno.
Seznam změn v této aktualizaci:
• DNA: Fixed a few minor issues with DNA test results.
• Events: When copying an event, associated notes were not being copied (fixed).
• Export: GEDCOM export did not work from Admin area (fixed).
• Export: Some notes were not getting included in the public export (fixed).
• Export: Single-branch exports with media were skipping all media types except photos (fixed).
• Export: The public GEDCOM export was including the CALN information twice for sources with repositories (fixed).
• Languages: Support for Polish ISO-8859-2 reintroduced.
• Maintenance Mode: With the side in this mode, visitors could fill out the suggestion form but not send it (fixed).
• Media: When media were linked to citations, the citation ID numbers were still showing up in the "Linked" column of some pages and were linked to the wrong pages (fixed).
• Media: Citation thumbnails were not being displayed on some pages (fixed).
• Media: Family names were not appearing in some media links (fixed).
• Media: The Assign Defaults utility will now skip all media linked to citations.
• Mobile: Mobile-specific code can now be included in the template footer by way of a file called "mobile_footer.php" (you must create this file and put it in the template folder).
• Mod Manager: Users could attempt to overlay a line of code with a blank line in that resulted in PHP errors and Mod List formating problems (fixed).
• Most Wanted: Backslashes were being added in front of apostrophes in some cases (fixed).
• PDF: PDF reports were not showing the christening date if the birth date was missing (fixed).
• PHP: Several small adjustments were made to keep TNG compatible with the current version of PHP and other technologies.
• People: One search query had an ambiguous field name (fixed).
• Register/Ahnentafel: Sentence structure for dates improved, gender-specific verbs used where possible.
• Statistics: Names in the "Longest Lived" section were showing as "Private" in some cases even if the user had rights to see them (fixed).
• Templates: Home page layout issues corrected in Template 15.
• Templates: Ability to jump back to the top of all pages added to Template 15 (others will come later).
• Templates: New messages added to support commercial templates from Genealogy Web Templates.
• Templates: Variables now divided into one form for each template (as opposed to a single form for all at once). Saving the settings will now save only those associated with the active template.
• Timeline: Extraneous dates in popup bubbles removed.

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