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Napsal: 19 kvě 2017 16:10
od michal
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Nová verze Legacy Charting
Backup - Improved progress messages of Backup to Legacy Cloud.
Backup - Restoring a Legacy 9 backup that includes an .hdb file end up with two .hdb files. Fixed.
Check/Repair - Added a check for duplication of Find A Grave ID's. If there are duplicates (caused by a bug in Gedcom Import) they will be removed and user will need to add the ID back to the correct individual.
Dates - Dates entered as from - to converted to uppercase. Fixed.
Dates - If you use From/to in a date, the From will be uppercase in reports when it should be lowercase. Fixed.
Dates - The date combo From... to... does not appear in reports correctly. Fixed.
Hints - Added a new option to turn off hints for living individuals.
Family View - Siblings list for Wife show both siblings and children. Fixed.
Gedcom - Added an option to export burial information marked as cremation as a Cremation event.
Gedcom - Fixed duplication of Find A Grave numbers when importing a GEDCOM file.
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