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Chronology View and Report - Date Error when using Timelines of US Presidents & US Wars - FIXED
Family View - Right click on Find a Grave label adds a space (%20) before the number so page is not found - FIXED
FamilySearch - Error when scrolling though the filtered lists, list disappears - FIXED
FamilySearch - Error when transferring Q (quarter) dates - FIXED
FamilySearch - New "Lock" icons added to Private/Invisible individuals and Private events. Locks prevent you from transferring private information. Lock icon added to the legend at the bottom of the screen - NEW FEATURE
FamilySearch - Sources are not transferring in Legacy Family Search - FIXED
Individual Chart Report - User ID (when selected to print) overprints the Father field - FIXED
Legacy Charting - German version, remove the colon after the vital event symbols - FIXED
Legacy Charting - After editing a Text Box, ribbon defaults to the Picture Settings instead of the Text Settings - FIXED
Legacy Charting - Editing a Text Box (Border Settings) "Double Lines" labeled "Round" in error - FIXED
Pedigree Chart Report - RINs are showing up twice in the Pedigree Chart Report - FIXED
Research Guidance - Broken Link to - FIXED
Timelines - Missing 1911 Census Dates for Scotland and Wales, error on the short info for Scotland 1891 census - FIXED
Timelines - Timeline file for Rulers of England incorrectly says George V abdicated, it was Edward VIII - FIXED
Modul Charting nadále neobsahuje českou nápovědu. Postup zprovoznění české nápovědy v modulu Legacy Charting je popsán ve vlákně

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