Přehled vydaných beta verzí Legacy 9
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Legacy FamilySearch Changes:
- Limited the column widths in the shared tab. If an event type was very long, it would appear that information was missing in the grid.
- Re-wrote the auto-download feature.
- Please test this feature as it has been 100% re-designed.
- The new feature is now very "aggressive" in downloading data from FS. (ie., using CPU, Memory and Internet)
- Let me know if this feature is too hard on your computer and/or Internet connect. (ie., your computer starts making sounds, etc...)
- This feature will seems to start slower than the old one, but it will pick up speed.
Odkazy ke stažení všech souborů k aktuální beta verzi najdete zde: http://www.legacyczech.com/download/beta.php.

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