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[Reports - Books & Charts] Calculated date abbreviation doesn't honor Option 5.7 setting.
[Tabs - Family View] Private Dates not showing as private dates in Family View and Pedigree View.
[Reports - Book Reports] Legacy 8 - Descendant Book: Problems with slashes around /Surnames/ and AKA tilde " ~ " in the index.
[Legacy 9 - Stories] Problems with Printing Stories from [frmStoryX].
[View - Name/Search List and List Report] Index Report ignores some privacy options.
[Reports - Books & Charts] Problem with Event Sentences in Marriage Events.
[File - Backup] If your backup location is a partitioned drive, Legacy will reset the location back to the default.
[Tabs - Family View] Spouse List with more than one marriage (including unknown RIN 0).
[Tabs - Family View] Legacy 8 - Spouse List - Unlinking multiple marriages to same person.
[File - File Maintenance] Check repair is removing duplicate sources when two of the same sources have different media items.
[Media - Media Gallery] Media added as a document in source detail looks for a picture when you manually try to relink the media.
[Options - Colors] Problem with User Color Settings.
[Tabs - Descendant View] Legacy 8 - Navigation Buttons for Spouse and Parents not working for some starting people.
[Events - Other] runtime error 3021 - another way that causes it randomly.
[Events - Shared Events] Suggestions to improve readability of frmEventSharedX.
[Data Entry - Dates] Family View, Name List and Pedigree View - Incorrectly displays Calculated dates.
[File - Gedcom Export] Problem with Gedcom export of Private Marriage.
[Data Entry - Notes/Text/Comments] Cause of Death field is much smaller than advertised.
[Reports - Chart Style] Events Display in Individual Report is not lined up.
[Reports - Book Reports] Find A Grave ID is printing twice in descendant book report.
[Reports - Book Reports] Invisible people are being included in Child Lists as Spouses in Ancestor Book.
[Reports - Chart Style] Format Issues with pictures linked to Stories in the Individual Chart Report.
[Tools - Potential Problems] Potential problem for burial before death does not recognize estimated dates.
[Reports - Chart Style] Legacy 8 - Individual Report - Problems with Privacy for Deceased spouses and children.
[Reports - Book Reports] Legacy 8 - Descendant Narrative Report - RINs missing for direct Descendants.
[Reports - Books & Charts] Location Index layout issue - Location Notes need to be indented.
[Data Entry - Notes/Text/Comments] If you use braces (curly brackets) { } in certain notes fields the braces will disappear when you save the note.
[Data Entry - Dates] If you use From/to in a date, the From will be uppercase in reports when it should be lowercase.
[Reports - Book Reports] Descendant Narrative book - wrong gender used sometimes when only one parent is known.
[Reports - Books & Charts] Descendant chart shows wrong page number for main entry when you have boxes turned on.
[Tabs - Chronology View and Report] Problems with handling Private birth dates and Chronology View and Reports.
[Reports - Book Reports] In the descendant and ancestor book reports the first event is single spaced and the rest are double spaced .
[Reports - Book Reports] In the Ancestor/Descendant Book report when you turn off duplicates it shows the wrong page number for the main entry.
[Tabs - Chronology View and Report] Private Dates, Locations and Notes are omitted from Chronology View unless Report Privacy settings are overridden.
[Reports - Options/Settings] Legacy 8 - Report Screens Missing Printer Setup Button.
[Tabs - Index View] "Unknown" is showing where there are blank entries.
[Reports - Book Reports] Stories misplaced for Spouses in Descendant Narrative Report.
[Sources - Basic] Legacy 8 - Basic Source Text - Period appended to text of details when cited.
[Internet - Create Web Pages] Individual web page creation missing information on people.
[Reports - Book Reports] Calculated dates do not expand abbreviation or lose capitalization in Reports.
[Reports - Book Reports] Multiple Lines of Descent Book Report - Change the wording when there is a duplicate line.
[Tabs - Descendant View] Highlight line in Descendant View is not following Windows Setting color.
[Events - Other] Event date keeps wrong date.
[Reports - Book Reports] Invisible Spouse blocks creation of a descendant line in a Descendant Book Report.
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