Přehled vydaných beta verzí Legacy 9
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[File - File Maintenance] Check-Repair is not cleaning up duplicate MRINs - vyřešený.
[Tabs - Chronology View and Report] Legacy 8 - Chronology Tab and Report - Norwegian (Bokmal) - Incorrect Term for unknown Gender Child - vyřešený.
[Master Lists - Addresses] Legacy 8 - Selecting Event Addresses - Different if picture is attached - vyřešený.
[Master Lists - Addresses] The Notes box on the Address tab at the bottom of the screen is editable but doesn't link to the notes section under Edit. - vyřešený.
[Legacy Modules - FamilySearch] Event dates are not importing from Family Search correctly when there is a date range being replaced - vyřešený.
[Reports - Book Reports] Death cause is printing with the word she in book reports when the gender is set to unknown - vyřešený.
[Search] [BirthDate_YMD] in a search skip leading 0 in date and month. - vyřešený.
[Master Lists - Locations] Tags in Used by List in Master Locations list - vyřešený.
[Sources - Master List] Legacy 8 - Saving a Changed Master Source with Media attached as a New source loses Media - vyřešený.
[Tabs - Index View] Modified Date & Added Date when added to Columns are not using Option 4.8 for the time - uzavřený.
[Tabs - Chronology View and Report] Private Dates, Locations and Notes are omitted from Chronology View unless Report Privacy settings are overridden. - uzavřený.
[View - Name/Search List and List Report] Legacy 8 - List Report - Multiple Events of same type not included - uzavřený.
[Master Lists - General] Missing Default Marriage Status - Engaged - uzavřený.
[Tabs - Index View] Legacy 8 - Index View: Turning off "0-None - don't generate married names" in Customize/Data Entry screen locks up Legacy - uzavřený.
[Tabs - Index View] Having either Include Alternate or Married Names selected causes the wrong person to be highlighted when switching from FV to IV - uzavřený.
[View - Marriage List and Marriage List Report] Marriage List - Add "This couple did not marry" and "This couple had no children" as check boxes at the bottom - uzavřený.
[Data Entry - Dates] Cannot add private unknown date. - uzavřený.
Odkazy ke stažení všech souborů k aktuální beta verzi najdete zde: http://www.legacyczech.com/download/beta.php.

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