TNG 11.0.2 (18.9.2016)

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TNG 11.0.2 (18.9.2016)

Příspěvekod michal » 18 zář 2016 17:29

Nový build TNG 11.0.2 obsahuje především opravy drobných chyb. Do sestavení 11.0.2. byl včleněn opravný patch vydaný pro sestavení 11.0.1. Pokud přestaly na vašich stránkách fungovat mapy z Google Maps, budete muset nainstalovat tuto aktualizaci, poté od společnosti Google získat "klíč k mapě" a zadat jej do TNG do Administrace>Nastavení map (více informací získáte v nápovědě na stránce Administrace>Nastavení map).

Kompletní seznam změn ve verzi 11.0.2:
• Albums: Once a place had been linked to an album, it could not be deleted as it was not showing up on the Edit Album page in the list of links (fixed).
• Associations: If a person was associated with a family or vice versa, the "reverse" association was not created correctly (fixed).
• Cemeteries: If a new state or country containing special characters was added while using the ISO-8859-1 character set, the return value contained the wrong characters(fixed).
• Data Validation: When multiple trees existed and a particular tree was selected, pagination on the Wrong Gender report would revert to "all trees" after the first page (fixed).
• Data Validation: Links on the validation reports now open the edit screen in a new window.
• Data Validation: The "Help" link on this page was going to the wrong location (fixed).
• DNA Tests: Pagination in the Admin area did not work (fixed).
• Events: When an event was duplicated for another person, the notes for that event were not also being duplicated (fixed).
• Event Types: If the Custom Event Types page was sorted by events, jumping to a subsequent page in the list caused the sort to be lost (fixed).
• Export: Media links attached to events were not being exported (fixed).
• Family Chart: Adoptions were not represented correctly (fixed); other minor corrections were also made.
• Fan Chart: Views of the fan chart were not being logged (fixed).
• Heatmap: Special characters were not being displayed correctly (fixed).
• Heatmap: Visits to this page were not being logged correctly (fixed).
• Import: Media links were not being imported with the FORM tag was listed below the FILE tag (fixed).
• Import: Place records with IDs were not being imported (fixed).
• Language: Some minor translation fixes have been made in several languages.
• Mapy: Google v poslední době změnil místo, kde jsou uloženy některé jejich ikony (opraveno).
• Mapy: Google opět vyžaduje "klíč", aby bylo možné používat jeho mapy. Pokud na vašich stránkách přestaly fungovat mapy, zažádejte o klíč od společnosti Google a zadejte jej do horního pole na stránce Nastavení mapy.

• Media: When uploading a media file that already exists in another record, you will no longer be asked if you want to overwrite the existing file. Instead, a "1" or a "2" or the next sequential number will be added to the end of the file if the uploaded filename already exists.
• Media: When entering body text for a video record, a file name was still being required (fixed).
• Mod Manager: The modeditor.class.php file was in the root folder when it should have been in the classes folder (fixed).
• Mod Manager: Various other fixes.
• MySQL: Code has been added to attempt to prevent MySQL from running in "strict" mode.
• MySQL: Database error messages will now include the applicable MySQL error message where possible.
• People: Relation to parents descriptors were not displaying correctly in some circumstances (fixed).
• People: People could not be merged if one person contained "quotes" in the name (fixed).
• People: Periods were being stripped from person IDs (fixed).
• Places: A database error was being thrown when deleting places that contained quotes (fixed).
• Places: Places could not be selected for merging if the search terms contained "quotes" (fixed).
• Relationships: If the relation to parent descriptor was not one that TNG recognized, it was not being displayed (fixed).
• Reports: Thumbnails were not being displayed if a person's default photo was derived using the outdated "tree.ID.jpg" naming convention (fixed).
• Responsive: Some pages were not showing at the correct dimensions on a mobile device (fixed).
• Security: Media and album IDs were vulnerable to SQL injection attacks (fixed).
• Security: It was possible to change a user's profile information via the Edit Profile screen without knowing the correct login (fixed).
• Security: It was possible to change a user's profile information by editing the source code with dev tools (fixed).
• Settings: It was not possible to set the value for the number of days after which to display a warning if no backup had been done (fixed).
• Sources: Merging sources was failing in some circumstances (fixed).
• Templates: Template 15 was missing the ability to add translations for some of its components (fixed).
• Templates: Template 15 was showing "More..." links when nothing had been entered for those links in the Template Settings (fixed).

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