TNG 12.0.3 (16.12.2018)

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TNG 12.0.3 (16.12.2018)

Příspěvekod michal » 17 pro 2018 21:37

Tato aktualizace obsahuje především opravy drobných chyb:

• Citations: Citations with media attached would list the associated source multiple times on the individual page if that source was cited multiple times (fixed).
• Export: LDS events were not being exported (fixed).
• Fan Chart: Brent Hemphill's "Fan Chart Fix" mod has been incorporated, providing several minor but noticeable improvements.
• File Picker: Some users would see an error, while others would see an empty popup (both fixed).
• History Template: Some of the code was still out of order (see 12.0.2), causing additional formatting problems (fixed).
• Import: The GEDCOM import was taking too long or not finishing for some users (fixed).
• Maps: Bulk geocoding was not working (fixed).
• Maps: The utility to output a .kml file (useful for showing a place in Google Earth and other programs) will now name the file after the place (instead of just "tng.kml" for all files created).
• Media: The delete links on the Admin/Media/Sort pages did not work (fixed).
• Media: If you entered the name of an existing thumbnail files (already on the server) when creating a new media record, a "1" would be added to the file name (fixed).
• Menus: The custom menu hook logic has been enhanced to respect the $currentuser setting.
• Merge: The ID of the new record will now be constrained to be in uppercase.
• Mobile: It was not possible to enter information for an individual's parents (ie, Relationship or Sealed to Parents) from a mobile device (fixed).
• Most Wanted: Clicking "Save" when adding a new record would save the new record but would not close the popup window (fixed).
• PHP: Several small adjustments were made to keep TNG compatible with the current version of PHP (e.g, adding quotes to array indexes that didn't have them).
• Pedigree: Fixed an obscure issue relating to ID numbers that was preventing some parents from showing on the pedigree chart.
• Pedigree: When adding a new family from the pedigree chart, the popup window was too small to see the "Save" button without scrolling (addressed).
• People: When new individuals' names included an apostrophe, a extraneous slash (\) was being introduced immediately before (fixed).
• Places: The tree column was not displaying on the place search page when more than one tree was present (fixed).
• Reports: Changed the name of the "rank" column in the tng_reports table to "ranking" because "rank" is now a MySQL keyword (throws an error in MySQL 8.0).
• Robots: The directives in the tngrobots.php file, which were intended to reduce the number of pages Google and other crawlers tried to index, were not being included and thus were of no effect (fixed).
• Search: The "metaphone" option for last names was not working on the Advanced Search (fixed).
• Security: A cross-site scripting vulnerability existed on the Dates & Anniversaries page (fixed).
• Settings: The "Site Description" in the General Settings should have been used in a "meta" tag (for search engine optimization), but it was not (fixed).
• Templates: Templates 9 & 10 were not able to show their Feature and Resource Links in a new tab/window (fixed).
• Translations: Some corrections are included for various languages, including the German version of the Data Protection Policy.

Drobné úpravy dvou jazykových souborů nápovědy administrace, které nejsou součástí verze 12.0.3, najdete zde:
Po stažení obsah zip souborů nakopírujte do příslušné složky TNG (languages\Czech-UTF8 a languages\Czech) a přepište jimi stávající soubory.

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