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[Legacy Modules - FamilySearch] Problem that Legacy FamilySearch merge failures do not adequately tell why.
[View - Marriage List and Marriage List Report] If a female has more than one spouse, then the "Link to Parents" does not work correctly.
[Search] Missing Information Search - Cause of Death returning living people.
[Media - Picture Center] Legacy 8 - Picture Center - Remove fails for Event and Marriage Photos.
[Reports - Books & Charts] Legacy 9 - If someone is marked invisible their descendants are not in reports, despite them not being in the line.
[Tabs - Chronology View and Report] Timelines set to Limit Events to Lifetime of the Individual are actually set to Average Life Span.
[Reports - Book Reports] Invisible Spouse blocks creation of a descendant line in a Descendant Book Report.
[View - Marriage List and Marriage List Report] Legacy 8 - Marriage List - Print Options - Print Private individuals ON by default.
[Master Lists - Locations - Mapping] Message for GeoDB Proximity Search needs to be improved.
[Reports - Chart Style] Legacy 8 - Individual Chart Report - Option to Include Private Master Events not working.
[Tabs - Family View] Individual Tags temporarily disappear after you have set the Ancestor Colors.
[Media - Media Gallery] Media added as a document in source detail looks for a picture when you manually try to relink the media.
[Reports - Book Reports] Stories w photos - photo positioning incorrectly.
[Sources - Basic] Basic Style source will not retain your choice for "Formatting of Title".
[Master Lists - Locations] combine duplicate locations loses Tag and Ver.
[Internet - Search Internet] Internet Search Using WorldConnect (Rootsweb) Does not work.
[Reports - Book Reports] Find A Grave ID is printing twice in descendant book report.
[Search] Search field "Never Married" needs to be updated to "No known marriage" for consistency.
[Legacy Modules - FamilySearch] Click Here to register at FamilySearch link takes you to the main LDS website and not FamilySearch.
[Options - Customize] Remove Option 8.8.
[Documentation - Help File & Broken Help Links] Remove Map references from the Help File.
[Tools - County Verifier] County verifier has broken links.
[User Interface - Toolbars] Remove Map Family from the View toolbar.
Odkazy ke stažení všech souborů k aktuální beta verzi najdete zde: http://www.legacyczech.com/download/beta.php.

O nefungujících mapách čtěte zde: http://legacyczech.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&p=844

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